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Science & Innovation

  • History_of_Islamic_Science.pdf An illustrated educational resource created by the Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation
  • Islam_and_Knowledge.pdf An educational resource created by the Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation outlining the Islamic relationship to science, math, architecture and other areas of human progress
  • How Islam Inspired Scientific Advance Modeling after the Prophet Muhammad's commitment to teaching, Muslims established the first universities in history
  • The Emergence of Scientific Tradition in Islam This article provides the theoretical underpinnings for science and describes the importance of the scientific community (ulama) within Islamic civilization
  • Islam as the Impetus of Scientific Advancement Throughout the Muslim land, the search for knowledge and science was undertaken in an effort to improve society as a form of worship
  • Introduction to Muslim Science At a time when much of Europe was experiencing the "Dark Ages," the Muslim world underwent a period of scientific advancement and creativity
  • Islamic Science, the Scholar and Ethics The pursuit of knowledge has a very important place in Islam, but it is subservient to Quranic values and ethics
  • Rediscovering Arabic Science For most westerners, and indeed for many Arabs, the spectacular achievements of Arabic-language science from the eighth through the 16th centuries come as a startling discovery
  • Articles on Inventions Muslim science is not a plagiarism of Greek science, rather it built off of that foundational knowledge with innovation and invention
  • The Art of Science and Water Muslim Spain had the most advanced water system in the world
  • “A is for Arab” By George Rafael - From algebra and coffee to guitars, optics and universities -- an alphabetical reminder of what the West owes to the People of the Crescent Moon
  • Muslim Scholars This page provides a list of major Muslim thinkers, their achievements and biographical information
  • Muslim Printing Before Gutenberg Printing in the Muslim world preceded Gutenberg's printing press by centuries
  • Mathematics This article discusses the values of pi in the mathematical tradition of the Arabo-Islamic civilization
  • Ottoman Scientific Advances Throughout its six centuries of rule, the Ottoman Empire offered a unique synthesis of Western and Islamic scientific developments
  • Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts An online brochure to accompany an exhibition in celebration of the 900th anniversary of the oldest arabic medical manuscript in the collections of the National Library of Medicine
  • Islamic Medicine: 1000 years ahead of its time, by Ibrahim B. Syed. Early advances were made in the Muslim world on medical education, hospitals, bacteriology, medicine, anesthesia, surgery, ophthalmology, pharmacy, and psychotherapy


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