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Muslims and Music
  • Music in Islam The second half of this article outlines the origins and evolution of Muslim music
  • Muslim Influence in Musical Theory The influence of Islam on music extends beyond instruments to music theory itself
  • Muslim Contributions to Music The influence of Muslims on the musical revival of Europe can be detected as early as the period of the Carolingian Empire
  • Muslim Instruments Come to Europe Not only were instruments from the Muslim world adopted and used by Europeans but they also played a fundamental role in the evolution of European music as other "European" instruments were derived from them
  • Muslim/Arabic Instrument Glossary This glossary contains both pictures and terms
  • Music in Muslim Civilization With the absence of any Quranic verses explicitly forbidding or permitting music, and the continuous dispute about the authenticity of the few relevant Prophet sayings, disagreement abounds about the role of music in Islamic culture
  • Sufi Zikr: Remembrance of Allah In Sufi devotions zikr represents both a solemn ritual and a spiritual state of mind or heart, in which the devotee seeks to realise the presence of God


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