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Islam in the World

Islam in the World
  • Demographics This interactive map provides current demographic information about the Muslim world
  • What does "Muslim World" mean? "Muslim World" can have many different meanings depending on the context. This article outlines how one could understand the phrase "Muslim World"
  • " A History of the World," Written by Paul Lunde and Rosalind Mazzawi, Saudi Aramco World, pp 2-7, January/February 1981. This nearly 700 year old manuscript outlines a early understanding of world history
  • The World of Islam This National Geographic article explores the diversity of Islam, earth’s fastest growing religion, with six million followers in the U.S. alone
  • Islamic Declaration on Cultural Diversity.pdf, Algiers, 1994
  • "From Xerxes To Gorbachev," Written by John Lawton, Saudi Aramco World, Volume 41, No. 1, January/February 1990: A look at Islam in the Soviet Union

Islam in Africa

Islam in the West

Islam in Asia



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Sharia, Justice, and Benevolence
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