Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement

A Partnership between the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion,
Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation, & USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture


Islamic History
  • History_of_Islam_in_the_Middle_East.pdf Islam and Islamic History in Arabia and the Middle East, an educational resource produced by the Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation
  • Islamic Dynasties Timeline This website provides chronological highlights of early Islamic dynasties and ruling parties
  • Map of Islamic Civilization This Virtual Civilization is a graphical navigation tool that allows you to view the Muslim World through different topics
  • Andalusia The history of Seville and Andalusia under Muslim control
  • History’s Hinge: Ain Jalut More than any other Mongol act, Baghdad’s conquest in the 1250's shook the entire Islamic world
  • Al Azhar University This Egyptian university has over 1000 years of history and roots itself in the traditions of the Prophet
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