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Art and Architecture

Muslim Architecture
  • Introduction to Muslim Architecture This article provides a brief discussion on the concept of Islamic architecture, reviewing a number of its key theoretical issues
  • Glossary of Terms for Muslim Architecture
  • Is it "Muslim" or "Islamic" Architecture? The two words are theoretically interconnected but conceptually different and this article outlines the appropriate use of both terms
  • The Mashrabiyas This article explains the legends and historical significance surrounding the wooden screens that mask the exterior of buildings in Arab architecture
  • Baths of Damascus Inherited from the Romans, Islamic Syria's use of the bath was given special promotion because of Islam's emphasis on cleanliness, hygiene and good health
  • Alabaster Windows While alabaster windows have been replaced by glass, they hold a special historical significance in Yemeni Architecture

Mosque Architecture

Islamic Arts
  • Introduction to Muslim Art With a religious rule prohibiting the depiction of animal forms, Muslim art developed its own unique form and focus
  • Beauty and Aesthetics in Islam In creating art, Muslims needed an aesthetic mode that could satisfy the contemplative nature of their religion, reinforce its basic ideology and social structure, and be a constant reminder of its monotheistic principles
  • Calligraphy and the Word The Muslim art form of calligraphy developed and expanded under the Ottoman Empire
  • Islamic Art in Poland The Kornik castle represents one of the great accomplishments in Muslim art beyond the borders of traditional Muslim lands
  • Islamic Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art This companion to the Islamic galleries at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is intended as a general introduction to Islamic art


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